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NOTE: Cue Sheets on the web site are UNOFFICIAL. Every effort will be made to have the FINAL cues up at least one day in advance of the event. Be sure to get a copy of the OFFICAL cues at the event even if you have altered the cues to your personal format. -- Pete

COVID-19 Update
I will be adherring to all directions from the civil and medical authorities.
As the situiation evolves, any and all events may be cancelled/rescheduled up to the start of the event

2023 Approved Schedule

ACP/BRM-Sanctioned Brevets

Routes Subject To Change!

Date Event Start
Distance Start
29-Jan 200LR_3
07:30 200 km Ontario, NY $10
26-Feb 200LR_3
07:30 200 km Ontario, NY $10
25-Mar NEW!! 07:00 300 km Ontario, NY $20
26-Mar 200LR_3
07:30 200 km Ontario, NY $10
15-Apr 200LR_1
07:30 200 km Ontario, NY $10
29-Apr 300LR_2
07:00 300 km Ontario, NY $20
6-May 200LR_1
07:30 200 km Ontario, NY $10
19-May 400 km Ontario, NY
20-May 300 km Ontario, NY
26-May 360 km Ontario, NY
26-May 200 km Ontario, NY
2-Jun 400 km Ontario, NY
9-Jun 400 km Ontario, NY
10-Jun 600 km Ontario, NY
23-Jun 400 km Ontario, NY
24-Jun 300 km Ontario, NY
24-Jun 600 km Ontario, NY
7-Jul 1000 km Ontario, NY
15-Jul 400 km Ontario, NY
15-Jul 600 km Ontario, NY
15-Jul 1000 km Ontario, NY
22-Jul 400 km Ontario, NY
16-Sep 200 km Ontario, NY
7-Oct 200 km Ontario, NY
NOTE: If you are planning a Fleche or Trace team PLEASE contact me as soon as possible! -- Pete

Registration and payment day of event is usually fine, (Except Fleche, Trace, 600k, 1,000k & 1,200k) but if you are thinking of riding a brevet, please, send me an e-mail so I can have sufficient brevet cards, cue sheets, etc. prepared.

If you've never ridden with me:
Please e-mail me, the registration server seems a bit ill as of 8/1/2021! e-mail

NOTE: E-mail addresses on the site are slightly obfuscated to discourage spam crawlers.

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