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Lap Of Lake Ontario (LOL) 1,200km/1,000km Brevet

July 8-12, 2020

Although this is a new ride, it should be considered an expansion of the existing LOL 1,000k and will be run in the same semi-self supported style. The 2019 LOL 1,000k web page is here: LOL 1,000k

Bag drop - we expect to have a bag drop this year. It will depend on how many riders, and how many volunteers I have. If we do, it will be to a limited number of locations. Please make your plans assuming this is a self supported ride.

There is light support planned. There will be at least one vehicle on the road. We'll be carrying common repair parts and tools. Parts will be available at cost. As our goal is to have as many finishers as possible, the support vehicle will be concentrating on those at the rear of the group.

NOTE: If you are interested in riding this brevet, please contact the RBA to be put on the interest list!

2020 will be the inaugural running of this event, and the rider cap will be small.
There will also be a 1,000k option. This will be the first 1,000k of the 1,200k route. Return to the start is the riders responsibility.

1,200k Qualification

1,200k in 2019, full brevet series in 2020, or LOL ancien.
Contact the RBA with any questions about qualification, or alternatives.

Ride fee

The ride fee will be estimated expenses divided among the riders. This will be fixed several weeks before the ride, and will be due at check in.
Current estimate, subject to change is about $100.

Route changes from the existing LOL 1,000k

The portion of the LOL 1,200k in the US is expected to be the same as the 1,000k route. We plan on using the Glenora ferry, and the portion in Canada up to about the 380km point, Picton, is expected to be the same as the 1,000k. After that, the 1,200k will avoid route 1 across Prince Edward county, and swing wider around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) onto quieter roads. We'll also spend some of those extra kilometers avoiding the service roads along the QEW on the Niagara Peninsula. We'll do that by riding the high ground in the center of the peninsula, from where you can see both lakes Erie and Ontario.
Instead of passing through Niagara On The Lake at the north end of the Niagara River, we'll visit Ft. Erie, and ride north on the Niagara Parkway past Niagara Falls to the border crossing on the Rainbow Bridge in sight of Niagara Falls.

The current draft route is at:
Please note this link will change as the route evolves!
Check back here for the current link!
The RWGPS route will change as we adjust the route to take advantage of services, potential overnight stops and more pleasant roads.

Due to liability insurance changes, RUSA membership is required to participate.

The ride is run in the Western/Central New York RUSA region by Finger Lakes Randonneurs. Please contact the RBA for more information.

1,000k option, membership requirement 12/24/2019