600LR_2 (Stuart's 600k)

The Start Location for this event is 1119 Lake Rd, Ontario, NY.

This route, designed by Stuart Stiffey, "borrows" the first 200km from the LOL 1000k Lake Ontario Lap, and many of the old International Randonneurs routes.

Stuart's 600k starts in Ontario and follows the Seaway Trail east along the shore of Lake Ontario, with minor detours to find quieter roads, to nearly Cape Vincent, and the Canadian border. From there the ride turns back to the east and south to Camden, NY, familiar to those who rode the IR routes under Jim Konski. From Camden we work our way down to Hamilton, NY, home of Colgate University. From there, it's up to Parish, and the Grist Mill Restaurant. Another favorite from the International Randonneur days in Syracuse. After the Grist Mill, we head back to the start in Ontario, NY, taking Ridge Rd, rather than the Lake Road lake shore route, to have more services available, and a nice down hill run at the end to the start/finish. Total climb is approx 12,500', with most of that the first day.

If the above link doesn't work, email pdusel AT sprintmail DOT com to register.
Use 600LR_2 (Stuart's 600k) 600k on Jun 29, 2024 as the subject line.

General info:

Registration and payment on the day of the event are usually fine (except Fleche, Trace, 600k, 1,000k & 1,200k), but if you are thinking of riding a brevet, please register by e-mail so that sufficient brevet cards, cue sheets, etc. can be prepared.

If you've never ridden with us: please fill out the information on this form and click "Send". That will send an e-mail with your information and we'll have you in a database. It will help prevent transcription errors, and we can have your paper work pre-printed on the morning of an event.

Cue Sheets on the web site are UNOFFICIAL.
Every effort will be made to have the FINAL cues up at least one day in advance of the event.
Be sure to get a copy of the OFFICIAL cues at the event even if you have altered the cues to your personal format.

COVID-19: We will be adherring to all directions from the civil and medical authorities. As the situation evolves, any and all events may be cancelled/rescheduled up to the start of the event

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