Lansing-Auburn-Weltonville 200K

The Start Location for this event is Lansing, NY Town Ball Fields.

This figure-eight route leaves the Lansing ball fields and heads north around Owasco Lake, passing President Millard Filmore's birthplace in Moravia as well as one of the many boyhood homes of John D. Rockefeller Sr. The climb away from the lake on Wycoff Road provides

The route will then leave Owasco Lake and head south via the Salmon Creek floodplain back to the start. It will then proceed through Ellis Hollow through Boiceville and up a long climb to South/Honeypot Rd. The climbing will continue past the MacCormick Secure Center to Fairfield Rd and the southernmost point of Weltonville. A short distance north is the Speedsville General Store. Now the fun of mostly descending the Old 76 route you climbed earlier. Lastly the climb up Turkey Hill Rd, down Mt. Pleasant and across the Freese Rd bridge and back to the finish.

If the above link doesn't work, email pdusel AT sprintmail DOT com to register.
Use Lansing-Auburn-Weltonville 200K 200k on Apr 27, 2024 as the subject line.

General info:

Registration and payment on the day of the event are usually fine (except Fleche, Trace, 600k, 1,000k & 1,200k), but if you are thinking of riding a brevet, please register by e-mail so that sufficient brevet cards, cue sheets, etc. can be prepared.

If you've never ridden with us: please fill out the information on this form and click "Send". That will send an e-mail with your information and we'll have you in a database. It will help prevent transcription errors, and we can have your paper work pre-printed on the morning of an event.

Cue Sheets on the web site are UNOFFICIAL.
Every effort will be made to have the FINAL cues up at least one day in advance of the event.
Be sure to get a copy of the OFFICIAL cues at the event even if you have altered the cues to your personal format.

COVID-19: We will be adherring to all directions from the civil and medical authorities. As the situation evolves, any and all events may be cancelled/rescheduled up to the start of the event

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