Women's Rights Loop 200k (ACP brevet)

The Start Location for this event is 1119 Lake Rd, Ontario, NY.

This route is permanent #1010 with the start moved to 1119 Lake. This shortens the ride to 201km.

The route is a loop including Ontario, Webster, Farmington, Seneca Falls, Wolcott, and back to Ontario, NY. In Seneca Falls the route goes past the Women's Rights National Historic Park. This is a very mild mannered route, ideal for late fall, winter and early spring riding.

Starting from Ontario, NY start, the route follows the shore of lake Ontario west into Webster, then curves back, doing the "Plank Rd. scream" to the Canandaigua Road. From there, the route heads south and east to Farmington, going by Finger Lakes Race track. A straight run to the west along NY 96, a medium capacity road with wide shoulders and plenty of services, brings us to Seneca Falls and the Women's Rights monument. Due north through farm country brings us to Wolcott, then an easy run along Ridge Road brings us back to Ontario and the finish. From the finish it's a short 4 mile, mostly downhill, run back to the start.

Updates: Jan 20, 2023

Changes: Route has been shortened to 200k. It had gotten a little long as we made changes to avoid busy roads. Farmington control has been changed to an info. Minor corrections Updated Cues

RWGPS link at the bottom of the cue sheet (keeps them in sync)

Also, the single lane steel deck bridge at about mile 76 is still closed for "Painting". On the weekends it has been cycle friendly by walking around the barricades, and was last Monday 1/16 (MLK day) when we test rode the route.

If you prefer to, here is a detour that was ridden last Monday that avoids the bridge (we had two riders and we split up for that section):


This follows the route up Gravel, and at about mile 72 uses Lay Rd to cut over to route 89 to avoid the bridge out. The route goes pretty straight north then, but there are some road name changes as Rt89 takes a right, and you continue straight at about mile 77, and a similar issue at about mile 78.

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